Manara clif

The hiking trails of Manara Cliff, one of the most beautiful spots in Upper Galilee (especially in winter), are located in east Upper Galilee, in the thick Israeli forests of the Naftali Mountains, against the backdrop of the stunning scenery of the Hula Valley, Golan Heights, and snowy Mount Hermon. Along the trails, a spectacular, multicolored blossoming of anemone, cyclamen, hyacinth, and more…

The entrance to the hiking trails, sponsored by the Jewish National Fund, is free of charge.
The trails begin close to the parking lot of the longest cable car in Israel (1940 meters), rising sharply from the southern outskirts of Kiryat Shmona up to Ramim Cliff; the highest spot of the Great Rift Valley, at an altitude of 750 meters. It is possible to reach the hiking paths via the cable car that exits south of Kiryat Shmona, or via private car up to the site’s parking lot, near kibbutz Manara.

We will begin walking on the blue trail – the “historic trail”, it is 450 meters long, and starts about 100 meters west of the parking lot. The trail runs along the stunning precipice, part of it is inside the forest, and the other part is in the open and runs under the cable car, reaching to a mountain viewpoint that is named after First Sergeant Amir Kara, an IDF intelligence officer and nature enthusiast, who died defending the northern border settlements in 1995. On the site we will find a monument to his memory, and a scenic viewpoint of Hula Valley and the Golan Heights.

Near the historic trail, we can also explore another trail that passes inside the forest – the “forest trail”, marked in pink. This trail is circular and it is about 350 meters long. Along the trail is a variety of trees, bushes, and flowers. The trail was restored as part of the site’s restoration program, after it was damaged during the Second Lebanon War. From this location we will return to the blue trail that leads to the cable car’s site, or hike back the same way we came, back to the parking lot.

Manara Clif

Opening Hours:During day light
Price: Free
Location: Near Kibbutz Manara,The upper Galilee

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