Running, swimming, cycling contests and triathlon in Israel 2015-2016

In the last few years the fields of running, cycling on the road and in nature, swimming and triathlon became more and more popular among many in Israel. This is mainly due to an improvement in the standard of living in Israel, the development of leisure culture and the increased awareness of maintaining a sporty and healthy lifestyle. Every evening and particularly on weekends the streets of the cities, rural areas, parks, natural sites and beaches are filled with tens of thousands of joggers, cyclists and swimmers in all ages, men and women, that jog alone, in a pair or in an organized group.

Many of the athletes in those fields take part in the mass contests that attract athletes from all over the world. Those athletes come to Israel especially to participate in those contests, that are often characterized as ones done with exemplary and professional organization. The tracks that attract special interest, allowing to get a different perspective of Israel are: Crossing of the “Sea of Galilee” (AKA the Kineret) by swimming from the beach of Ein Gev to the beach of Tzemah, cycling from Eilat to mount Hermon or the race of the Upper Galilee in the north of the Hula valley between the Upper Galilee mountains and Ramat Hagolan, a selection of running heats between 5 and 160 km in cities, such as the Tel Aviv, Tiberias or Jerusalem marathons, races in the rural areas and in the bosom of nature such as the iron man competition and the desert marathon in Eilat, the crane race around the Hula lake, the Tavor race in front of mount Tavor in the Lower Galilee, the ultra marathon race around the Izrael valley and the Israeli championship of half marathon in the Valley of Springs in front of the Gilboa mountains. Some of those contests are pretty unique such as the stairs race in the Azrieli towers of Tel Aviv, the vertical race from Manara cliff in Upper Galilee to the Hula valley, the women triathlon in Herzliya, the night run in Tel Aviv and the unique swimming heat between the small standing out islands of the Mediterranean Sea in front of the Carmel beach in the kibbutz of Maagan Michael.

Here is a selection of running, swimming, cycling and triathlon contests that are planned to take place in Israel in the 2015-2016 season. Click on the attached links and sign up soon in order to guarantee your participation.

September: 19 – Crossing of the “Sea of Galilee” (AKA the Kineret), bicycle race surrounding the Upper Galilee

October: 4 – The alligators swimming heat in Maagan Michael, 16 – The vertical race of Manara cliff, 20 – Tel Aviv night run, 23 – Race surrounding the Izrael valley

November: 6 – Haifa half marathon, 27 – The crane race of the Hula valley, desert marathon in Eilat, 18 – Bicycle hike from Eilat to mount Hermon

December: 4 – The Israeli championship of half marathon in the Valley of Springs, the stairs race of Azrieli, 25 – The Ramon crater race

January: 8 – Tiberias marathon, 29 – Eilat iron man, 30 – The swimming heat of the red sea trophy

February: 26 – Tel Aviv marathon

March: 18 – The Jerusalem marathon, the Upper Galilee race

May: 27 – The Tavor race,


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