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The Golan Heights is a mountainous region in the north of Israel, borders with  Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan. The area is hilly and elevated, overlooking the Sea of Galilee, Jordan River and the  2,743.2 meters tall Mount Hermon. The plateau that Israel controls is part of a larger area of volcanic basalt fields stretching north and east that were created in the series of volcanic eruptions that began recently in geological terms, almost 4 million years ago, and continue to this day.
The Golan Heights has a rich history and features numerous archeological sites, mountains, streams and waterfallsand its one of the most beautiful areas and most traveled part of Israel.
Bird lovers can watch the eagles nesting in Gamla and on the cliffs of the nature reserve, and see the remains of a Chalcolithic Era settlement (from about 5,500 years ago). There are also burial grounds from 4,000 years ago, a 2,000-year-old Jewish city a monastery with a Byzantine church (from 1,500 years ago) and much more.
The summit of Mount Bental offers a panoramic view of the whole area.
Odem Forest, in the northern Golan, is the home of a deer reserve, with many different species.
Visitors to the Golan Heights can tour the archeological sites such Banias, Gamla and ancient Katsrin and in the unique nature reserves such as The Zavitan stream,Saar stream and Ait falls, enjoy the boutique wineries, taste the delicacies at the wide variety of restaurants, experience Druze hospitality in one of the  four Druze villages in the northern Golan and much more.
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