Eilat, the southernmost city in Israel, located in the Arava desert, serves as a port and as a tourist center. Towards the end of the Israeli War of Independence in 1949, the fishing village of Um al-Rashrash was captured by the Israeli army. At first, the location served as an army comp. In 1952, Eilat became a civilian settlement and it was declared a city in 1959. Since then, the city has developed into one of the important focal point of tourism in Israel thanks to the uniqueness of its Red Sea coast, its coral nature reserve, its pleasant climate in winter, and its landscape of the meeting of desert, sea and mountains. This led to the development of a tourist infrastructure of dozens of hotels and vacation apartments, with thousands of rooms, restaurants, shopping centers and many attractions including diving, sea sports and desert trips.
A few kilometers from the city, one kilometer from the oil terminal, we can visit  the Dolphin Reef. In this unique enclosure, the visitor can swim or dive to see dolphins exercising and to watch nature films about dolphins. A few hundred meters farther, we reach the coral reef nature reserve. Even with no previous experience, the visitor may have a short instructional session and then have an amazing swim into the spectacular world of silence of the coral reef. In close proximity of the reef, the visitor should not miss The Under water observatory in which s/he can have a close look at life in the coral reef, and may take a submarine ride 60 meters under the sea or imagine an under sea trip with a simulator. In addition, the hotels in and around the city offer desert trips into the Eilat mountains, a cruise around the Bay of Eilat and of course, swimming and sea sports at one of the Red Sea beaches.
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