Top Attractions

The Hospitaller Fortress was the headquaterters of the Hospitallers, a monastic military order established to treat the sick in the Holy Land. The order moved to Akre from Jerusalem in 1191,where it remained until 1291. The headquarters – the Knight Halls consisted of built up wings constraucted around a large centerl courtyard, a three story tower,which served as public toilets. The most impressive hall in the fortress is the hall of columns which served as the order’s dining room. 

Khan Al Umdan is a large caravanserai near the port,once the hub of international trade. Merchants unloaded their goods in storeroomes on the first floor and resided in rooms on the second floor. It was built in the late 18th century by Ahmed el-Jazzar and is supported by a series of granite columns transported from other locations.

The Market Street is the main thoroughfare of the Old City,Running from north to south. This is a colourful market with many stalls,from fishmongers to shops selling sweet oriental delights,to perfumes,spices and more…

The el-Jazzar Mosque is the largest mosque in Israel outside Jerusalem and the largest mosque built in Israel during the Ottoman period.

The old port, was first mentionesd in relation to the Greek campaign to conquer Egypt in 527-525 BC. The port was built under the reign of Ptolemais II (285 – 246 BC),transforming Acre into an international port city and the gateway to Israel.It reached its zenith during the conquest by the Crusaders.

The Turkish bathhouse consists of spectacular domed rooms,adorned with ceramic tiles and exquisite floors enhanced by colorful lighting.The experience includes an authentic soundtrack,original depictions and sculpted figures, providing a compelling portrayal of everyday life, historical events, and bathhouse culture.
Outside the old city it  is highly recommended to visit the synagogue “Or Torah” of Tunisia’s Jewish community and the  Bahái World Center.

The Turkish Bazaar was built during the ottoman period and is located nearby the ancient port and the local market.The bazaar has undergone conservation and restoration, while maintaining it’s unique and periodic architectural characteristics. The bazzar offers entertainment and shopping experience in designer boutiques, with autentic atmosphere, tailored to the site.

The Ramchal Synagogue served as the Synagogue of the Ramchal (Moshe Chaim Luzzatto),a rabbi, Kabbalist,writer and poet,and author of the book “Mesillat Yesharim” (Path of the Just) arrived in Akko with his family in 1743,joining the Jewish community there. Theire magnificent synagoguge was taken over by Dhaher El-Omar and converted into mosque. During the Arab Revolt of 1936 – 1936 the Jews fled the city but  after the War of Independence the they returned to the city and renewed the synagogue’s activity and lit an enernal flame