The Kinneret Trail

Along the Kinneret Trail

As part of a project to create a trail that will encompass the entire coast of the Kinneret, 65 km in length, and allow free entry for the general public, one of the most beautiful walking trails along the Kinneret was breached. This is a circular five kilometer route that begins and ends at Kibbutz HaOn which is located near the south eastern coast of the Kinneret.

The route’s starting point is located in front of the entrance to the gas station “Alonit HaOn”, on the black-marked trail to the southwest. This short trail leads us along the agricultural areas to the Kinneret Trail marked in purple. The trail passes through palm groves adapted to the hot climate that prevails most of the year in this region. The trail winds up and down through the undergrowth, while creating enchanted and peaceful corners in front of the lake. The trail runs mostly on a defense battery built during the British mandate to protect the cliffs from the pounding waves and over time got covered with dense vegetation.

It is very enjoyable to see along the route, especially in the summer, the fig and its sweet fruits, and of course the raspberry. Alongside the natural vegetation, planted along the trail were a few mulberry, pomegranate, fig and sycamore trees.

Along the walking trail we can notice a number of animals typical to the region: kingfishers standing on a branch over the water and dive abruptly trying to catch their prey, elegant pelicans sailing along the coast and occasionally dipping their giant beaks to catch fish. Inside the undergrowth we can see a blue chest mockingbird, a small fearful and beautiful songbird. Occasionally, a mangoes will cross the walkway. It’s a relatively small ground predator that dwells in thick and moist places, lives in burrows and feeds on insects, rodents and snakes.

After about 900 meters we reach an old pumping station that is no longer in use. In the past, people pumped water here to irrigate the fields. After additional 500 meters we get to a new pumping station that provides drinking water for the surrounding communities. At this point we leave the coast and purple trail, and the trail will lead us on a dirt road in the agricultural areas of Kibbutz Ma’agan. Further up the trail we reach a recently paved bike path amid eucalyptus, along Highway 92 to the gas station where we left our vehicle.

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