The Church of the Beatitudes

The Mount of Beatitudes

North of Galilee, a short drive or walk up the mountain will lead us to the Mount of Beatitudes built on the traditional site of Jesus’ delivery of the Sermon on the Mount. pilgrim are known to have commemorated this site since the 4th century. The current church sits near the ruins of a small Byzantin church dating to the late 4th century, which contains a rock-cut cistern beneath it and the remains of a small monastery to its southeast. Part of the original mosaic floor has also been recovered and is now on display in Capernaum.
The Franciscan Church commemorates the “Sermon on the Mount” – the most important sermon in the New Testament (Matthew, chapters 7-5), which called for Jesus to live modestly and adopt nonviolence. Mount of Beatitudes got its name because of the number of verses from the opening sermon word “blessed” and disruption of the word has become happiness.
The church was built in 1935 by Antonio Barluzzi, one of the greatest architects of the Christian world in Israel and in the 20th century, and was inaugurated in 1938.

Barluzzi combined the story of the place in the design of the church, and built an octagonal structure eight verses which means “blessed” in a sermon of Jesus. Church dome in gold-plated mosaic blue color in its center symbolizing the kingdom of heaven is reminiscent of Jesus during his lifetime. Beneath the dome eight stained glass each with a verse that begins with “Blessed” and around the walls are described in 14 stations through the agony.

The Mount of Beatitudes

Opening Hours8:00 – 11:40 and 12:30 to 16:40

Price: 5 NIS

Phone: 972-4-6726712

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