Capernaum National Park

Jesus is said to have spent his adult life, between his baptism and up until one week before his arrival in Jerusalem and the subsequent crucification, in Capernaum, on the bank of the Sea of Galilee. In the New Testament, the two words Kfar Nahum (the Village of Nahum) were joined together to form a single word Capernaum or Capernium. This was a small fishermen’s village that was active between the 5thcentury BCE and the 7thcentury CE. In the 19thcentury CE, Franciscans excavated the site and claimed to discover the house of Peter the Apostle from the 1stcentury CE, upon which later a church was built.
Excavations on the site also revealed a limestone synagogue from the 5th century CE, as well as columns decorated with Corinthiancapitals and engraved with a seven branched candelabra, a ceremonial coal pan, and a ram’s horn (the Jewish shofar), symbols representing the Temple in Jerusalem. As the ancient inhabitants of Capernaum refused to follow Jesus and his faith, he condemned them and predicted their damnation.

Capernaum National park

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