Hai Bar Yotvata

Hai Bar Yotvata Nature Reserve

Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve is a 12 km2 breeding and reacclimation center administered by the Israel Nature Reserves & National Parks Authority, situated in the Southern Arabah near Yotvata.
The Yotvata Hai-Bar is the desert counterpart of the Carmel Hai-Bar Nature Reserve which operates in the country’s Northern Mediterranean forest.

Endangered and locally extinct animals mentioned in the Bible are bred here for possible reintroduction to the Negev desert. The Asian Wild Ass has already been reintroduced in the Makhtesh Ramon into the wild. In addition, the park has some rare desert animals, which are not native to Israel, like the Scimitar Oryx from northern Africa.

Hai Bar Yotvata visitor guide

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 08:30- 17:00, Saturday and Sunday: 08:30- 16:00 Entrance to the site closes one hour before the hour record..

Price: 27 NIS per adult, 14 NIS per child.

Location: On Highway 90 north of Eilat, between Kibbutz Yotvata and Samar.
Phone: 972-8-6376018

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