Ein Avdat

Ein Avdat

Ein Avdat is an oasis in a spectacular canyon with a spring that creates a lovely creek, waterfall and ponds.

Ein Avdat is a spring at the part where Zin River is leaving Ramat Avdat and undermining the level and ridge rowing. The river creates a deep, narrow canyon in the soft white chalk rock – a very unique look .

Ein Avdat creates a nice creek, waterfall and ponds. The banks of the creek are adorned with vegetation that attracts many animals, including mountain goats. In order for us not to harm to the only water source of the animals, visiting hours in the national park were restricted. The trail for walking on the site, was designed not to damage the landscape that starts from the parking lot near Ein Mor, where we can see a grove of Euphrates poplar, a tree that grows in oases and is characterized by a wide variety of leaf shapes.

From Ein Mor we start to go down the canyon of Ein Avdat undermining the cardboard and chalk rocks that make up Ramat Avdat. While walking around we will see many mountain goats. Most of the year the males and females live in separate herds and they meet only during the oestruation season in September – November. By the side of the river you can see the Pistacia Lentiscus, whose estimated years of life stands at around 250 (and is relatively young compared to Pistacia that  exist for 700 years in the Negev). We will continue from the Pistacia to the river. The height of the waterfall is about 15 meters and it is forbidden to bathe in. Above the waterfall we will see many birds and sometimes the cliffs around are used as a nesting place for eagles.

From here we get to Ein Avdat, a spectacular fissure spring where the water are rainwater that are flowing underground on an impermeable layer until they find an outlet in the canyon.

From here we retrace our steps back to the parking lot, but it is recommended to climb the stairs stairs in the rock that are on the right, next to the waterfall pool of Ein Avdat and keep the ladders track. In this track we see large caves in the rock where rock doves nest as well as niches for retreat of Byzantine monks. At the top, we will get to the parking lot where the other vehicle is at.

Ein Avdat visitor guide

Opening Hours:
April to September: 8:00 to 17:00. October – March: 8:00 to 16:00. On Fridays and holiday eves 8:00 to 15:00 Entrance to the reserve closes one hour before closing time.

Price: 27 NIS per adult, 14 NIS per child.


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