Nimrod Fortress National Park

Nimrod Fortress National Park

Right from the parking lot we will notice spectacular fortifications, the high wall and the rare quality of construction of Nimrod Fortress, named after the Biblical hero, which is located in the northern Golan Heights at an altitude of 815 meters.

Near the castle gate we will go down to the secret door that leads to the moat surrounding the fort. From here we will continue in the direction of the arrow that marks the path. The main and impressive fort gate features a convoluted entrance, arrow slits and a post from which one could pour boiling oil on intruders. A short distance from the gate we will see the great stonecommemorating the Muslim Banias governor who built the fort in 1228, as part of the long struggle waged between Muslims and Crusaders on the land of Israel.

We will continue to the Knight Halls, where we will see shooting holes in their walls. From the observation deck in the main room we will be able look west to the Hula Valley. In front of us we will see the Galilee ridge and southern Lebanon.

Later we will continue to track the big cistern vaulted ceiling, which served as the fort’s main water reservoir. We will continue to the “beautiful tower“, a guard tower which received this name because of its stone-cutting, construction and finishing quality. From here we will climb towards the Tower of Courage (The Dungeon), built as an inner fortress built so that it could withstand a siege in case the main fort was to be overrun. Migdal Oz features a marvelous view to Mount Hermon and the northern Golan Heights, and the wooded gorge of the Govta River which flows from Mount Hermon near the foot of the fortress.

At the end of the 13th century, with the final expulsion of the Crusaders from Israel, the need for a fort had decreased. In the 15th century it became a prison and was abandoned at the beginning of the Ottoman period.

Nimrod Fortress National Park

Opening HoursApril to September: 8:00 to 17:00, October – March: 8:00 to 16:00. Fridays: 8:00 to 15:00 You can access the site until an hour before closing time listed above.

Price:  21 NIS per adult, 9 NIS per child


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