The rocks park in Kisra

The rocks park in Kisra

A short and easy hiking trail; about a 1km walk through a park of naturally formed rocks.
The Rocks Park on the edge of the Druze village Kisra is a unique geological phenomenon that includes a collection of impressive rock blocks that had undergone a karstic dissolution process which created a variety of caves, nooks, and natural statues in various shapes: mushrooms, giant animals, a pile of pittas and many other shapes only limited by the far reaches of the imagination.

The karst process occurs because of three preexisting conditions in the Upper Galilee Mountains: limestone characterizing the area, a relatively large yearly amount of precipitation of over 700mm, and abundant amounts of carbon dioxide near the surface due to growing vegetation in the area.
During the karst process, the large amount of precipitation dissolves the carbon dioxide, which creates carbonic acid that dissolves the limestone. The limestone is dissolved into the acid and is washed away with it, and so through a very slow and gradual process spectacular shapes are formed in the limestone, rocky ground and caves.

A circular path marked in black that is less than 1km passes through the Rocks Park. Along the path are sitting benches, a variety of magnificent natural stone statues, tunnels, caves and amazing vantage points overlooking the Upper Galilee Mountains.

The shaded trail is suitable for walking all year round, bathed in thick Mediterranean forest of Common Oak trees, Pistacia palaestina, Cyprus oak, Strawberry tree, Judas tree, and Spanish broom that grows from the cracks of a rock – often split by the force of their roots.

The trail is especially recommended in autumn during the beautiful blossoming of the Small-Flowered Pancratium, in winter during the rich blossoming of Cyclamen, and in spring during the vernal blossoming of the Spiny Broom that colors the grove in yellow and is also suitable for hot summer days.

To reach the Rocks Park, head on highway 854 (Karmiel-Ma’alot road), turn towards Peki’in and the Druze village Kisra, enter the village, drive carefully between the winding alleys of the picturesque village, turn right at the first roundabout, and continue following the signs until you reach the Rocks Park.

The rocks park in Kisra

Opening Hours:Any time
Price: Free
Location:Head on highway 854 (Karmiel-Ma’alot road), turn towards Peki’in and the Druze village Kisra

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