The Austrian Hospice

The Austraian Hospice

The Austraian Hospice is an oasis of peace and relaxation place, located  in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem.
The Land on which the Austraian Hospice was purchased in 1855 and the opening was on March 1863.
The Emperor Franz Joseph stayed here for several days in November 1869 followed by his son Crown Prince Rudolf in 1881.
The flourishing pilgrim business came to a sudden end when the First World War broke out 1914 and revived only slowly.
During the Second World war the place served as an internment camp for Austrians,Germans and Italian priests and members of religious orders.
In 1948 the British Health Departnent turned the house into a military hospital and later it was taken by the Jordan ocupation and became a hospital for the arabs of the Old City.
It took decades before the building was restored and re-opened in 1988 as a guesthouse.
Today It is a quiet place with a lovely garden and a roof top from where you can overlook Jerusalem. Inside the Hospice there  is an Austrian coffeeshop where traditional Austrian food is served sauch an Austrian Schnitzel,Spatzle,Goulash soup and house salad .The small chapel inside is also a highlight, rooms are quiet big and very clean. There are also dormatories when you need to save money.

The Austrian Hospice visitor guide

Opening Hours:
The cafe is open daily from 10:00 – 22:00.

Price: Free

Location: Via Dolorosa 37.

Phone: 972-2-6265800

Website: Click Here

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