Megiddo sits on Via Maris, an ancient road that connected  since the Bronze Age between Mesopotamia and Egypt.  Megiddo is located at a strategic point, on a hill overlooking the whole valley of Jezreel, and all roads north or south of it. The city’s importance stems from the many agricultural areas nearby, and around towns and villages were numerous..
Excavations carried out in  Megido began from the Beginning of the 20th century.  Excavations indicate  that about 30 layers of settlement at Megiddo began  from the first ancient Canaanite period (3500 BC), to the present day – Kibbutz Megiddo which is located near by.
Megiddo was declared  in 2005 by UNESCO as  a World Heritage.
Megido is mentioned in the Mentioned in Egyptian texts and the Bible. Megiddo in particular is Mentionedin  the Book of Revelation in the New Testament  as Armageddon (a corruption of the name “Har Megiddo”) that occur as Armageddon, the end of the world, the war of light against darkness , apocalypse, end times, Armageddon.
Armageddon story is considered so important for Christianity, that even General Allenby conquered the country from the hands of  the Ottomans in 1917, and was awarded as the “Lord of Armageddon”.
In the Museum of Megido there is a model of  old Megiddo Old from the Canaanite and the Israeli periods.
According to the model we can get an impression how the  exposed buildings in Megido were looking long ago: the front gate, temples and altars (found in the east toward the sun), public buildings, palace of King Solomon, stables and more. One of the most impressive buildings at Megiddo is the cistern that was excavated and a source of water outside the city and next to the wall in the days of siege. Into the cistern was excavated tunnel and 183 steps leading to it descended into the shaft.

Megiddo National Park visitor guide

Opening Hours:
April to September 8:00 – 17:00 October – March 8:00- 16:00 On Fridays and holiday eves: 8:00 – 15:00 Entrance to the reserve closes one hour before closing time.

Price:27 NIS per adult, 14 NIS per child.

Location:​ 37 Km from Haifa,Near Kibbutz Megiddo.

Phone: 972-4-6590316

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